Pay only what you use per hour, your public cloud ready for host your services

We offer businesses the flexibility they need by paying only for the services they use. There are no longer fixed monthly rates or long-term contracts; Instead, gain the freedom to scale resources based on your changing needs.

Create the virtual resources you need, for example: Virtual machines, security groups, kubernetes, networks, balancers, volumes and much more...
Create, start, shut down and cancel your cloud resources at any time.
Pay only for the hours your virtual resources were operating. No contracts or cancellation penalties.

Find flexibility and control

Scaling Operations Efficiently

With this payment method, companies can make the most of resources without committing to long-term contracts. This financial freedom allows them to scale their operations efficiently, from startups looking to keep costs low to large corporations that need to manage peaks in demand.

Financial Agility for Business Growth

By paying only for the services they use, businesses can stay agile and focus on what really matters: their growth and development. Additionally, this approach eliminates the need for costly upfront investments, allowing businesses to start on a tighter budget and scale as their business grows.

Business Success with Control and Transparency

In addition to financial flexibility, the "Pay as You Go" model also offers greater cost transparency. By having full control over the use of services, businesses can closely track their expenses and optimize their budget effectively. This gives them a competitive advantage by making informed decisions about how to allocate resources and maximize return on investment.

Reservation in the business world

In this context, the “Pay as You Go” model has emerged as an innovative solution that has transformed the way companies address their infrastructure and technological services needs.

"Pay as You Go" has seen phenomenal growth in the world of information technology. With the proliferation of cloud services and the demand for greater business agility, more and more companies are turning to this model to meet their infrastructure and software needs.
One of the biggest benefits of the “Pay as You Go” model in the IT space is its ability to adapt to fluctuations in demand and business needs. Businesses can easily adjust their IT resources as needed, allowing them to manage peak loads without incurring additional costs.
Previously, only large companies could afford to invest in expensive IT infrastructure and software. However, with the "Pay as You Go" model, even startups and small businesses can access world-class resources without the need for massive upfront investments.
success stories.
companies acquire Reservation to seek efficiency in their operations.

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