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Set up your work area, communicate, and maintain healthy boundaries.

Set up your work area.
Find a space in your home where you can focus. If you’re in a place with background distractions, use the blurred background in Microsoft Teams to keep your teammates’ attention.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.
Your pace with online work from home may be different than in the office. For example, you may be trying to balance work and childcare at the same time. Communicate your hours to your coworkers so they know when to reach you.

Keep healthy boundaries.
Without the normal cues of a work day, like commuting, it can be hard to switch off. Be sure to take breaks, hydrate, and give yourself opportunities to “clock out” of remote work at the end of the day.


Take advantage of online meetings.
Make sure all meetings include an online join option so team members can join regardless of where they’re working. Turn on video so your team can interact face-to-face and feel more connected.

Be considerate and inclusive.
A large conference call can make it difficult for participants to share their views. Pause frequently to allow time for questions, and remind attendees that they can use the chat window to share their thoughts.

Record your meetings.
When you start a meeting, press “record”. Team members who can’t join can watch later or search the automatically generated transcript to find important information. That way, people can easily review what they missed or what replays they need.


Recover the hallway talks you missed
Quick chats by the water dispenser are what people miss most when working remotely. So deliberately connect with your coworkers. Think of chat messages like virtual chats by the water dispenser, and set a reminder to connect with people regularly.

Assemble the team
Remote work can create a feeling of isolation. It’s important to create opportunities for the entire team to meet virtually, whether it’s brainstorming big ideas or everyday conversations over virtual coffee in between.

Have fun
Use Teams to encourage fun activities and challenges to keep your spirits up. Hosting a photo contest or congratulating employees on their creative ideas are great ways to keep your team positivity, engagement, and energy.

Sincerely TLine Team #stayathome