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Here we tell you the top 10 functionalities that perhaps you did not know and with which you can get the most out of it.

Didn’t you know that Dropbox can do all of this?

When Drew Houston found himself at the Boston train station in 2007 and forgot his USB stick at home, little did he know he was about to create one of the world’s leading cloud storage platforms. Since then, Dropbox has earned its place on the podium of preferred software for users and companies looking for a friendly solution to store, sync, share and access files in the cloud from anywhere and at any time. The truth is that Dropbox is much more than depositing files and synchronizing them. Whether it is to optimize the work of your teams, keep your files protected or optimize access to the information you have stored, here we tell you the top 10 functionalities that you may not have known about and with which you can get the most out of it.

1. User Lists: Create and manage group lists with different members of your teams where everyone accesses the same folder with a set of options to organize and manage access to shared content.

2. Team activity tracking: Monitor the data shared by your teams and people outside the organization through audit trails and comprehensive filters. You can see all connected devices and review sharing activity.

3. Dropbox Paper: Forget creating multiple versions of the same document. With this tool you will be able to optimize your team’s time and resources by editing, reviewing and approving documents in real time and from anywhere.

4. Account Transfer: Transfer your files instantly from one user to another when responsibilities change.

5. Linked accounts: Have your personal and work files easily accessible in one place, without the need to sign in to two accounts. You can link your personal Dropbox account to your work account and rest assured that your sensitive company information is safe and separate from your personal business.

6. Offline Folders: Access your files even when you’re offline. Any changes you make will be updated across all your devices when you’re back online.

7. Version history and file recovery: Easily restore a file if you’ve made the wrong changes or just want to go back to the original version. All your files are backed up and protected with up to 180 days of version history and deleted file recovery.

8. Permissions and security: Share content with your teams while password-protecting links, disabling downloads, or setting expiration dates to restrict access to a certain time.

9. Lost or Stolen Files: Delete files from devices that have been lost or deleted by easily unlinking the device from your or your employee’s account and pausing syncing with Dropbox. If you are an administrator, you can also remotely delete files from the device folder.

10. File preview: If you have a file that your device can’t read, just upload it to Dropbox. Its file preview tool will allow you to play many formats including PDF, PSD, AI, PNG, JPG, SVG, BMP and many more.


Save Bookmarks: Store and collect your favorite or frequent websites in one place by dragging your web browser into the Dropbox folder of your choice.

Do not hesitate to discover these and many other tools that Dropbox has to offer you. Your files accessible, secure and available to your team, just one click away.