Virtual Dedicated Desktop


We have levels of support that will help you resolve any situation that arises

  • Billing Period: Monthly Prepaid.
  • 99.99 % availability.
  • Subscription Commitment: Monthly.

Very powerful and secure Windows 10 virtual desktops per month

– Accessible from anywhere.

– State-of-the-art computer equipment is not required.

– Centralized and secure information.

– Increase or decrease your number of virtual desktops monthly.

Access from any device to a Virtual Desktop

Select the region, choose the size, complement your solution and access.
We have levels of support that will help you resolve any situation that may arise.

Very powerful

Very powerful, in 3 clicks create your own cloud and configure your virtual resources from Virtual Machine, networks, firewall, kubernetes and more.

Easy to use

Easy interface, customize your productive environment in minutes through images of the operating system. In just 3 hours you will be an expert user of your Cloud!


Manage your virtual firewall, security groups and networks easily.

People support (7×24)

Support staff always available in your language, who understands your urgency and whose sole objective is to solve your problem.

Enterprise-grade expertise in cloud solutions

We're IT people for IT departments, which means we're always ready to step in and help out teams in larger organizations whenever they need a little extra support.